Lauren Christian and Doug Herr Join Our Glendale Family on March 31, 2024


  We officially welcomed Doug Herr @ 7am and Lauren Christian @ 10am into our Glendale Family on Easter Sunday! Signs of resurrection continue to be seen throughout this beautiful community of faith! What an amazing day of celebration of God’s love!   From Doug (he/him): “My daily doubts make the Welcome of Glendale not […]

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Garrison Baker Baptized and Joins Our Glendale Family on March 24, 2024

  We celebrated the baptism of Garrison Baker (they/she) and welcomed them into our Glendale Family in worship yesterday! Giving thanks to God that Garrison gave us a chance to become their new church home + family to be on this journey of faith + life together! Another beautiful day at Glendale!   From Garrison: […]

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Baptism of Keyani and Kamora Bean at Glendale on March 17, 2024

Baptism of Keyani and Kamora Bean at Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN UMC

  We celebrated the Baptism of Keyani and Kamora Bean into the body of Christ! We give thanks to God that we can support, nurture, and love them and their amazing family! Another beautiful day at Glendale!  

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VIDEO: Heather Thomas Testifies In Support of Gender-Affirming Care


  Another day at our state capitol fighting against ignorant, hateful legislation put forth by our elected officials.   Thank you to our own Heather Thomas for testifying today in support of gender-affirming care in front of the Civil Justice House Subcommittee and for the awesome turnout of support from our Glendale community. There is […]

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