VIDEO: Glendale Featured in Ahmaud Arbery Murder Trial Story on News4 Nashville

Ahmaud Arbery Sign at Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN Featured WSMV News 4

  True justice would mean that Ahmaud Arbery is still alive today. We celebrate a ruling of accountability. We continue to work for the day when jogging, sleeping, walking home, holding a cell phone, eating ice cream…isn’t a death sentence – especially for our black and brown siblings. Thank you WSMV News 4, Nashville for […]

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Cat Huntsman Joins Our Glendale Family on November 7, 2021

Catherine Huntsman Joins Glendale United Methodist Church - Nashville TN UMC (Custom)

  We’re so thankful that Cat Huntsman (she/they) gave us a chance on that first visit to see if our community of faith was where she felt at home – and indeed it was. We are SO excited to have you in our church family, Cat! A note from Cat: “I grew up in a […]

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Aziza Hope Rose Joins Our Glendale Family on October 24, 2021

Aziza Hope Rose Joins Glendale United Methodist Church - Nashville TN UMC 2

  We give thanks that Aziza gave us a chance to walk alongside her in this journey of faith + life. Welcome to our church family that’s full of God’s love and grace for all people, Aziza! A little bit about Aziza: “I grew up going to an interdenominational church in north Nashville. Shortly before […]

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PODCAST: Glendale Featured on “Pastoring in the Digital Parish” Episode

  Our own Steven Adair was the guest on the October 20, 2021 episode of the Pastoring in the Digital Parish podcast. This episode is called “The journey from viewers to members.”   Check out the full episode page on here. From the description: “How do you move people from being passive viewers of […]

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