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david charlton glendale united methodist church nashville tn umc

David Charlton

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ben Bodenheimer

Ben Bodenheimer

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baptism of charlie mae bell at glendale united methodist church nashville tn umc

The Bell Family

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“We weren’t necessarily looking for a church, but immediately felt at home at Glendale. Through some of the hardest times of our lives, the Glendale community always found a way to support us right when we needed it most. After having complicated relationships with church in the past, we have found a community of faith that we weren’t sure was ever going to be a part of our lives.”
– Courtney + Ryan

rob cowles glendale united methodist church nashville tn umc

Rob Cowles


“After stepping away from church for several years, I was hoping to find an inclusive and affirming church that teaches God’s love for ALL people – regardless of who we are. I immediately felt connected & have made some amazing friends. I found Glendale when I needed it most and feel so lucky and proud to be a part of this church.” – Rob

Jim, Rachel, Gracie and Kyle Dolezal Join Glendale United Methodist Church - Nashville TN UMC

The Dolezal Family

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“We started watching Glendale’s services online and were refreshed by the inclusive & affirming theology. Soon after, we decided to get plugged in to a LifeGroup & that confirmed that Glendale was absolutely where we felt most at home.” – Jim & Rachel

cat huntsman glendale united methodist church nashville tn umc

Cat Huntsman


“When I moved to Nashville 10 years ago, I struggled to find a church that supported my beliefs and open attitude. Glendale had been on my radar due to the messages of love and justice on the outdoor sign over the years. I knew from my first worship service that this place was going to be my spiritual home– Cat

lezleigh and kevin kleibrink glendale united methodist church nashville tn umc

Lezleigh + Kevin Kleibrink

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“When we moved to Nashville in May 2021, we wanted to find a church that was INCLUSIVE of all of God’s children, not EXCLUSIVE. After visiting a few other United Methodist churches, we visited Glendale. We are excited to be a part of an inclusive church and to serve God through Glendale.”
– Lezleigh + Kevin


ben lee and don scholes glendale united methodist church nashville tn umc

Ben Lee + Don Scholes


We have found a home in Glendale UMC, a place where every person is loved just for who they are. We are valued for who we are and where we are in our walks of faith – without judgment. We love the people we are meeting and look forward to continuing our journey of life here.”
– Ben + Don

john lee - glendale united methodist church nashville tn umc

John Lee


I have found a spiritual home that I was missing and wasn’t sure I would ever find; a caring, nurturing environment; and a reestablishment of my Christian faith. Glendale is a vibrant environment that works hard to live up to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and it is a joy to have found it.
– John

murdock family glendale united methodist church nashville tn umc (Custom)

The Murdock Family

she/her + he/him

“Within the first few minutes of our first worship service at Glendale UMC, we knew we’d found, not just a church, but a community full of love.  From the welcome message of inclusion, we knew we’d found a home and a place for our daughter to learn about and love Christ.”
– Jen, Ella + Chris

claire patton glendale united methodist church nashville tn umc

Claire Patton


“It was important to me to find a church that was affirming and doing the work of being anti-racist. I wanted to be apart of a church where injustice in our world was spoken about and acted upon. After attending my first service, I know I had found my new church family. I am incredibly grateful for this safe space where I know that any and all are welcome.” – Claire

aziza rose glendale united methodist church nashville tn umc

Aziza Rose


“Before finding Glendale, I stopped going to church and started doubting my faith, leaving Christianity altogether. I found Glendale at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement and started worshiping online and then in person. This is the first church that I truly feel welcome and at home.” – Aziza

Jay Williams


“Before moving to Tennessee, we already knew that Glendale UMC would become our church home away-from-home. After the Special session of General Conference in 2019, I found Glendale and kept up with the good work of this faith community via social media.  I was comforted knowing that there was an affirming faith community that the boys and I could attend. We are so grateful for the welcome and warm embrace of Glendale.”
– Jay


The Woodroof Family

he/him, she/her + they/them

As parents, to hear our children say that Glendale is the first church where they truly feel a part of a family – the first place where they have experienced God’s love – it’s both humbling and joyful.  We are so blessed to have found our church home.
– The Woodroof Family

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