Joy Austin Joins Our Glendale Family on May 26, 2024



“This is the first church I have attended that felt like a family.” – Joy Austin

Giving SO much thanks that Joy found us, gave us a chance, and found God’s love through our community of faith.


From Joy (she/her): “I was baptized in a tiny Anglican church in England as a baby and attended a United Methodist church in Burke, VA throughout childhood. In college, I attended a few churches here in Nashville that were Baptist and non-denominational. In September 2023, I was kicked out of one of those, because like many churches who say all are welcome, they actually end up being unsafe for the LGBTQ+ community who hope to fully live out our lives authentically in the church – to grow in our faith and experience God’s love in community.

A friend recommended that I try Glendale. After experiencing religious trauma, it was hard for me to trust Christians and a church again. However, at Glendale, I have found people who are genuinely welcoming and loving. This is the first church I have attended that felt like a family.

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