We Are Inclusive + Affirming + Reconciling

We are one of the 32,148 United Methodist churches around the world – a diverse church where the table is large enough for ALL people to bring their beliefs, doubts and questions. Following the roots of Methodism, Glendale is devoted to putting faith + love into action and our primary mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

At Glendale, we believe every person is of sacred worth and created in God’s image. We believe that Jesus is our Savior and that he has taught us how to receive and share love, grace, and mercy.

We believe the Spirit calls us to live according to the example of Christ. We therefore commit to cultivate inclusive love and intentional hospitality with all people, and welcome and affirm persons of every race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, faith story, education, physical or mental ability, economic status, or political perspective.

We consider our diversity to be a gift from God that strengthens us to worship, learn and serve in Christ’s name.


Our Welcome Statement

 We at Glendale UMC want you to know that no matter:
Where you’ve come from or where you are going; what you believe or what you may doubt; what you are feeling or just not feeling; what you have or don’t have; and no matter the color of your skin, who you love or how you identify – all of who you are is welcomed into this community of faith by a God who loves you and knows you by name.

MNPS Safe Place Decal Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN UMCMNPD Safe Place Catherine Poole Steph Dodge Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN UMC


Our church is an official Metro Nashville Police Department Safe Place. If you, or someone you know, needs to report a crime based on hate or bias, you can safely do that here at Glendale.



About Glendale UMC – Nashville

Glendale Methodist Church was founded in 1945 in the growing Glendale neighborhood of south Nashville. In 1968, with the merger of the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church, this congregation became Glendale United Methodist Church.
By a unanimous congregational vote on August 11, 2019, we became an official Reconciling Congregation – an intentional step in continuing our church’s mission to share God’s love and grace to all people with no exceptions and no exclusions.

Rev. Steph Dodge became our Lead Pastor in July 2016. Throughout the last twoBlack Lives Matter and God Loves All People - Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville years, this place we call Glendale has experienced new life and a renewed energy with many new people finding Glendale to call their church home. We are blessed to be able to open our doors to the community in a variety of ways – gathering space for our community, Pencil Partner schools Glendale Elementary and J.T. Moore Middle and our homeless ministry, Room In The Inn – just to name a few.

Our church campus includes a Retreat & Hospitality House where church groups, travelers, or people simply seeking a quiet retreat can come to deepen their relationship with God. We share our upstairs space with ministry partners who offer spiritual direction and counseling. Right beside the sanctuary, an outdoor labyrinth sits, where all are welcome to take some time to slow down and enter into a time of walking prayer and on the front lawn, our new “Nathan’s Playground” is open to the community that provides a safe and fun space for all the children in our neighborhood.

We gather for worship every Sunday at 10am with small groups for all ages at 9am. Come check out Glendale – we’re all on this journey of life together.


Meet Our Lead Pastor + Staff Pianist


Rev. Stephanie Dodge

Lead Pastor | she/her

I am a 2012 Graduate of Memphis Theological Seminary.  I entered into ministry because I believe that everyone should be a part of the loving, supportive community that Christ offers each of us. In my free time I enjoy riding my bikes, working out, reading, and watching movies.

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Dr Laura Rosser Kreiselmaier Staff Pianist Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville

Dr. Laura Kreiselmaier

Staff Pianist | she/her

Dr. Laura Rosser Kreiselmaier is a holistic therapist, musician, and teacher.  A church pianist since age 14 and a member of Glendale since December 2013, she is delighted to serve as Glendale’s Staff Pianist.

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Meet Glendale’s 2021 Leadership Team

Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN - Inclusive, Affirming and Reconciling - Alan Whitley Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN

Alan Whitley

Lay Leader | he/him
Caddie Woodroof Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN UMC

Caddie Woodroof

Children's Education | she/her

Steven Adair

Communications + Worship | he/him

Bud Hamblen

Finance | he/him


Ashley Pyne

Mission + Service | she/her

Carol Pitman

Prayer + Nurture | she/her

John Adair

Property + Maintenance | he/him
Paul Gomez - Glendale UMC Nashville TN

Paul Gómez

Staff + Pastor Relations | he/him

Some of the People You’ll See…

mary kate allen glendale united methodist church nashville tn umc (Custom)

Mary Kate Allen


“After 14 years out of church, I never knew I’d find the most perfect fit at Glendale. Our church is open, affirming, and we love everyone no matter where they’re from and who they love. God works within the walls our church, but also outside in the community as well.” – Mary Kate

ryan and courtney bell glendale united methodist church nashville umc

Ryan + Courtney Bell

he/him + she/her

“We weren’t necessarily looking for a church, but immediately felt at home at Glendale. Through some of the hardest times of our lives, the Glendale community always found a way to support us right when we needed it most. After having complicated relationships with church in the past, we have found a community of faith that we weren’t sure was ever going to be a part of our lives.” – Ryan + Courtney

Caccese-Family-Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN UMC

The Caccese Family

he/him + she/her

Our family came across Glendale while searching for a church that is welcoming to everyone. We planned on attending our first service with every intention of visiting another church the following weekend. But, from the moment we walked through Glendale’s front doors, we knew we were home.
– The Caccese Family

Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN - Inclusive, Affirming and Reconciling -Sophie Dukes - Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN UMC

Sophie Dukes


“I was born in Mississippi to a lineage of Southern Baptist Ministers but eventually left the church due to the cruel and vengeful image of God portrayed.  Through friendships formed with Glendale members, while playing sports in Nashville, I decided to give the church a try.  From my warm welcome at the front door, the mid worship sincere greetings, to the foundational gestures of friendship as I departed…I knew I’d found my new home.” – Sophie


Krassi Mira Garbett

“I am a native of Bulgaria. Left all of my blood relatives there, but found a new spiritual family at Glendale. Glendale UMC is a place where even the black sheep feel welcomed and valuable.” – Krassi

Kellie Hargis Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN UMC

Kellie Hargis


“I was seeking a place where I could feel authentically welcomed just as I am, a place where I could feel God’s peace and comfort, a place to refuel each week without pressure or intimidation.  What I found was so much more!  I have never attended a church where God’s love is more palpable. What a blessing.”  – Kellie

Larry and Sharon Hollon - Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN UMC

Larry + Sharon Hollon

he/him + she/her

“Hospitality, welcoming, authentic community, liturgical integrity, thick relationships, calls to serve are all part of the blessing of this inclusive and loving community. We gave considerable thought to why we would join the Glendale community. We both agree that the church offers an invitation to community that feels genuine and authentic.”
– Larry + Sharon


Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN - Inclusive, Affirming and Reconciling alejah-love-glendale-united-methodist-church-nashville-tn-umc

Alejah Love


Both Glendale’s inclusive and affirming environment and attitude felt like I was being called home into a space where I was loved wholeheartedly. I don’t think I found Glendale. I think Glendale found me.” – Alejah

Chris and Jennifer Murdock Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN UMC

The Murdock Family

he/him + she/her

“Within the first few minutes of our first worship service at Glendale UMC, we knew we’d found, not just a church, but a community full of love.  From the welcome message of inclusion, we knew we’d found a home and a place for our daughter to learn about and love Christ.”
– The Murdock Family

Blake O'Donnell Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN UMC

Blake O’Donnell


“I started coming to Glendale after my friend brought me there one Sunday. I felt the immediate presence of love and acceptance and ever since then Glendale has become like home. The people of Glendale UMC are a daily reminder to me that there is good in the world. I have never been excited to go to church before but now I wouldn’t have it any other way.” – Blake


James Poland


“I was invited to visit Glendale UMC many times before I finally accepted, and it was love at first sight. The combination of the warm, welcoming members and their commitment to serving the community demonstrated God’s love for us all. I have been coming back ever since.” James


The Woodroof Family

he/him, she/her + they/them

As parents, to hear our children say that Glendale is the first church where they truly feel a part of a family – the first place where they have experienced God’s love – it’s both humbling and joyful.  We are so blessed to have found our church home.
– The Woodroof Family

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