Rev. Susan Woodard Joins Our Glendale Family on June 23, 2024



We are absolutely BLESSED that Rev. Susan Woodard, ordained United Methodist Elder, has chosen us to be her church family here in Nashville – learn a little bit about her journey below!


From Pastor Susan (she/her): “I was born the middle child to a Methodist minister and a high school math teacher and grew up in parsonages all across North Mississippi. Along the way, I was nurtured by many kind, open-hearted people and exposed to all the dysfunction churches can have.

 wasn’t sure what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I was sure I would never be a minister. Of course, God laughs when we make plans. So four years later, when I was headed to seminary, I acknowledged I felt called to ministry in some capacity, but I was sure I would never be the pastor of a church. Four years later, my first appointment was to serve, not one, but four churches. Ministry settings came in many different forms for me until eventually becoming my work with people as a depth psychotherapist.

When I made plans to move to Nashville, the first thing I looked for was a reconciling congregation — even before I looked for the location of Trader Joe’s. I participated in the first reconciling congregation in Mississippi and knew, as a committed ally, that I could never settle for a church community that wasn’t welcoming of everyone. I’m thrilled to have found Glendale and look forward to the relationships that will be built here.“

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