VIDEO: Glendale Featured in RMN World Communion Sunday Worship

World Communion Sunday Reconciling Ministries Alan Whitley Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN UMC


Our own Alan Whitley was featured in the Reconciling Ministries Network World Communion Sunday worship service on October 3, 2021. Watch below!


About this service:

“We Hunger” is a World Communion Day worship service that celebrates the vast and all-inclusive table of God’s welcome. We will reflect upon physical hunger, spiritual hunger, and how our nourishment is tied to labor and environmental concerns around the world. In all this, LGBTQ+ lives experience hunger and fullness, and all belong fully at God’s table. RMN is hosting this service on Oct. 3rd at 8pm ET | 5pm PT, containing worship, movement, music, testimony, Scripture, and more.


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