The Haynes Family Joins Our Glendale Family on April 18, 2021

Marcus Jocelyn Sebastion and Serenity Haynes Join Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN UMC (Custom)


We welcomed The Haynes Family into our Glendale Family during worship on April 18, 2021! We also celebrated the baptism of Marcus, Sebastion and Serenity into the family of Christ!
A note from Jocelyn: “It was important to us to find a church that acknowledged, supported, and openly accepted all people. I have two mothers, and when trying to have my children raised in the church, it was important that they were not being taught that their grandparents were bad people for simply loving each other. So when we found Glendale we were ecstatic!”
We are blessed that you found Glendale and decided to call us your church family and are SO thankful to be on this journey of faith + life alongside each of you!

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