Tamara O’Nan Joins Our Glendale Family on April 24, 2022

Tamara O'Nan Joins Glendale United Methodist Church - Nashville TN UMC


Giving thanks that Tamara O’Nan chose Glendale to be her church home + we officially welcomed her into our church family during worship! The O’Nan Family drives in from Kentucky each week to be with us – that is dedication to be in community right there!


From Tamara: “Since leaving a church 16 years ago, I have attended a variety of churches hoping to find a home. Mostly I left each one feeling more and more defeated, disappointed, and disillusioned with Christianity in general. In my heart, I knew that I could never join any of these churches because of their non-affirming policies which marginalized the people I love and in some cases, actually worked against my loved ones through their support of anti-LGBTQ legislation. None of this aligned with my understanding of scripture, nor the example set by Jesus. Because of my convictions, I often felt left out and isolated around Christians.

Last October, after attending several church services with a dear friend, I experienced a radical spiritual shift; that I belonged to Christ, despite my feelings toward the Christian church itself. In those precious moments of conversion, I surrendered fully to the love of Christ, and renewed with hope, I began a diligent search to find a church family, and Glendale kept popping up in my internet searches. After attending online services – I realized it had to be Glendale. I never knew an inclusive and affirming church like Glendale could actually exist, and I want to serve here and be a part of this family, whose energy and love for each other and Christ is contagious. I love you all for welcoming me and my family and look forward to serving alongside you for years to come. May EVERY person who walks through the doors of Glendale feel deeply loved by Christ and accepted mind, body, and soul by this church family.”

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