Mark Lynes Joins Our Glendale Family on August 7, 2022

Mark Clayton Lynes Joins Glendale United Methodist Church - Nashville TN UMC (Custom)


Giving thanks that Mark Lynes (he/him) decided to give us a chance by visiting that first Sunday + chose us to be his church family! We are so excited to be on this journey of faith + life alongside you, Mark!


From Mark: “I am a double graduate of Drake University where I earned my Bachelor’s and Masters degrees. After seven years in Chicago, I decided to move back to Nashville to be close to family.

Growing up, I attended a couple local United Methodist churches. Despite a wonderful experience, and once I moved back to Nashville, I was ready to find a new faith home so I decided to give Glendale a try. I was overwhelmed by how welcoming Glendale was to not only me, but to everyone who walked though the doors and I immediately knew I found my new church family. 

I am excited to reaffirm my faith by joining Glendale and am so grateful for the friends I have made here.”

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