3 Baptisms and The Maynard Family Joins Our Glendale Family on January 22, 2023

Justin Megan Grey, Oliva Maynard and Sadie Grace - Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN UMC (Custom)


WHAT A DAY! We celebrated the baptism of Justin, Megan and Olivia, reaffirmed the baptism of Grey in his chosen name and welcomed the Maynard Family into our beautiful Glendale Fam! We can’t say how excited we are to be on this journey of faith + life alongside each of you.


A note from Megan: “After our baby, Olivia, was born, we realized how much we needed and missed being a part of a church community and how alone we felt with no family around or a church family.

Justin began having sobriety and health issues and told me that he wanted to go to church and give everything to something bigger and I broke out in hives and said absolutely not based on a lot of religious trauma and the hypocrisy I felt like so many Christians displayed: ‘love thy neighbor,’ but only if your neighbor is straight, white and Christian. However, I made a post in the Nashville Progressive Moms FB group to see if there was even such a thing as a church that was progressive and welcoming to everyone and Glendale was at the top of the list.

The first day we came, Lezleigh was greeting and we felt so welcomed and walked in and met James and Steven and felt so loved. Rachel made sure we sat with her and introduced us to her family (also a shoutout to Rachel for recommending Glendale in the FB group). Amy loved and filled our cup the same day she met us. The sermon Pastor Steph spoke on that day sealed the deal and we knew we found our people and knew we were home.”

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