Josh + Becky Adams Join Our Glendale Family on August 20, 2023



We were SO excited to welcome Becky + Josh into our Glendale Family in worship on August 20, 2023 + give thanks to God to be able to walk alongside them on this journey of faith + life!


A little bit about them:

“We met in high school in Nashville and have been married for fourteen years. We have been hesitant to settle into a church home for a variety of reasons, but after starting work at a local university, I [Becky] saw examples of how fellow faculty members who were Christian truly cared for issues such as social justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and equity. This led us to search for a church that was welcoming to everyone, and we landed at Glendale. After our first service at Glendale during Pride Month, we were hooked! It had been a long time since we left a church service feeling uplifted and loved. We feel truly grateful to have found this precious group of people and to be welcomed into this community!”


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