The Hunter Family Joins Our Glendale Family on February 24, 2024

Rick Kelli Harrison and Lucy Hunter Join Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN UMC


The Hunter Family chose us as their new church family! Giving thanks to God they were led to Glendale + found their home! Excited to be on this journey of faith + life together!


A little bit about them: Rick and Kelli were both raised in the church and, interesting fact, both had grandfathers who were Methodist ministers. They moved to Nashville in 2009 and struggled to find their place within the church. Both of them knew they wanted a church that was truly open to all people, but they did not know a church like Glendale existed.

After several unsuccessful attempts to find a church home, they decided that maybe the church didn’t hold a place in their lives any longer.

One day, while driving home from an appointment, Kelli saw the Glendale billboard that read, “We’re sorry if the church hurt and failed you.” Kelli called Rick right away and said, “let’s try one more time.” The first service they attended was the Lent service in February of 2020. They had no idea what was about to happen to the world, but after the first reading of Glendale’s Welcome Message they knew they were home.

“We are deeply grateful for a place to worship that feels real and authentic and that makes space for all people to be who they were uniquely created to be.”

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