VIDEO: Glendale’s Heather Thomas Advocates for Gender-Affirming Care at TN Senate Health and Welfare Committee



WATCH BELOW: Our own Heather Thomas testified at the Senate Health and Welfare Committee of the Tennessee Senate this week. THANK YOU Heather for your work in helping to protect and save lives. We will continue to support and advocate for our transgender friends and family.


From Heather: Well today I did something new. I testified at the Senate Health and Welfare committee on SB01 – the (anti-)transgender healthcare bill. We are not through fighting yet. I knew today would be an uphill battle to say the least, but I do this for the kids and all of those who need to know that people are fighting for them and care about them.  I am so thankful for Senator Yarbro who did everything within his power to stop this bill. The only good news is that there are 3 others states with similar legislation who have had lawsuits against them and are 0-3. So tax dollars and cruelty all rolled into one. Tomorrow we pick up the fight again. Trigger warning, my testimony talks about self harm and suicide.


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