PODCAST: Glendale Featured on “Pastoring in the Digital Parish” Episode


Our own Steven Adair was the guest on the October 20, 2021 episode of the Pastoring in the Digital Parish podcast. This episode is called “The journey from viewers to members.”


Check out the full episode page on ResourceUMC.org here.

From the description:

“How do you move people from being passive viewers of online content to active members of a faith community? Steven Adair shares the story of Glendale United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tennessee–a small church that created a big digital footprint. This dwindling congregation used their digital presence to fuel a season of growth that continues today. Steven shares their learnings and practices.

Steven Adair is a lay member of Glendale United Methodist Church and the Director of Local Church Services for United Methodist Communications. In this latter role, he helps local churches communicate the good news to their communities.

About the Podcast:

“Training resources, growth ideas and connection for ministry leaders growing digital communities: It’s the digital ministry class we weren’t offered in seminary. In each episode, Ryan Dunn talks with a digital community expert in search of answers to questions about digital discipleship, online engagement, content creation, and the future of ministry in a digital-native culture.”

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