Glendale Advocates for Gender Affirming Healthcare for Transgender Children

Alec and Amanda Miller and Heather Gee-Thomas Advocate for Gender Affirming Healthcare - Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN UMC (Custom)


PUTTING FAITH INTO ACTION // We give thanks for our own Alec and Amanda Miller and Heather Gee-Thomas who advocate for gender affirming healthcare for transgender youth.


From Alec, Amanda, and Heather: “Recently, the three of us did something that was kind of scary. We met for about an hour with a state official planning to introduce a bill limiting or banning gender affirming care for transgender youth. None of us had ever done any advocacy work quite at this level before. As parents of trans kids, we know firsthand how important this medical care is for our kids’ health and well-being. It is literally life-saving, and so is the whole hearted support of trans kids’ communities and families. So we knew we had to say something, for the sake of our kids, and for all trans folks, children, youth, and adults alike. And it’s not just us saying it! Gender affirming health care is solidly supported by rigorous scientific research and all the major medical associations (American Psychological Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and American Medical Association, to name just a few). There is still a LOT of work to be done in this particular struggle for justice, and if we’re being honest with y’all, it is scary and gets us down sometimes. Or a lot of times. But, what gives us hope and keeps us going is the amazing community of people standing with us, who are ready to take a turn when we need to take a break. Glendale has been a critical part of that community, and we couldn’t be more grateful. This church family connected us with one another, and we were able to walk into that intimidating office only because we were walking in together, with the support of our community of faith holding us up. Holding fast to the knowledge that God’s love and justice are embodied in our communal work.


Have you advocated for gender affirming healthcare or for transgender rights? Share about your work in the comments on this post below!

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