Ben Lee and Don Scholes Join Our Glendale Family on July 17, 2022

Ben Lee and Don Scholes Join Glendale United Methodist Church - Nashville TN UMC


We were so excited to officially welcome Ben Lee + Don Scholes into our Glendale Family! They have jumped right into the life of our community and we give thanks to God that they found us + chose us!


From Ben: “I was born and raised in Singapore. My faith journey began shortly after I was born. I was brought to the Hing-Hua Methodist Church in Singapore where I flunked crayon coloring and Bible themed crafts, but loved listening to Bible stories. Later I served in the youth choir at Bethesda Frankel church, a Brethren denomination church, and was so involved in it that it became the sole reason for going to church. When I was too old to serve in the Youth choir, I left the church and became a devout hedonist. God worked through my mother, and I returned to the Hing-Hua Methodist Church. I moved to Atlanta, GA, to embark on a new season of life and attended New Beginnings UMC in Kennesaw GA and then Sixes UMC in Canton, GA. There I began a season of spiritual healing, and growth. I met Don in 2020 and moved to Nashville, TN in 2021 to begin my life and to continue my faith journey with Don. We found a home in Glendale UMC, a place where every person is loved just for who they are. I believe that at Glendale, it will be a season of outreach, and continued growth.”

From Don: “I was raised in Nashville as a good Southern Baptist. As a child and young adult, I accepted what I was taught about being a Christian without question. I lived his life trying to meet the expectations of what I understood God and significant others in my life wanted me to be – until that didn’t work anymore. A bout with depression, a difficult relationship, and a family member’s traumatic injury caused me to question everything, and I began a new journey. A couple of years ago I met Ben and a new chapter of my life began. I am grateful that we have found Glendale where we are valued for who we are and where we are in our walks of faith – without judgment. I love the people I am meeting and am looking forward to continuing my life’s journey here.”

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