PODCAST: Alan Whitley Shares Journey on Out Loud LGBTQ+ Stories of Faith

305 - Alan Whitley Out Loud Stories Podcast Glendale United Methodist Church


LISTEN IN: Our own Alan Whitley shares his journey of finding self-worth and ultimately finding belief in a compassionate God on this new episode of the Out Loud podcast. After coming out, Alan struggled with his faith to the point that he turned to drugs + alcohol. He has since found a home in Glendale UMC which has put meaning and ministry back into his life.


Glendale UMC – Nashville is a proud church partner with the Out Loud LGBT Stories of Faith Podcast.

A podcast where LGBTQIA+ individuals tell their stories about faith, community, and the divine, hosted by Greg Thompson.

“Out Loud” is a place for queer folks to find camaraderie in their questions about the divine, as well as allies to better understand the tension between faith and sexuality.

We affirm all faiths and all sexual expressions. This is a show for questions and curiosity, for inspiration and community, for acceptance and belonging and ultimately, for hope. Through these conversations, we hope to fully and authentically step into the lives that we are called to together.

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, or search, “Out Loud LGBT” wherever else you get your podcasts.

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