About Dr. Laura Kreiselmaier, Staff Pianist

Dr Laura Rosser Kreiselmaier Staff Pianist Glendale United Methodist Church NashvilleDr. Laura Rosser Kreiselmaier is a holistic therapist, musician, and teacher. A church pianist since age 14 and a member of Glendale since December 2013 and is delighted to serve as Glendale’s staff pianist.

Laura holds a PhD in Religion, Psychology, & Culture from Vanderbilt as well as a two-year certificate in Advanced Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. She is fascinated by personality theory and enjoys working with individuals, couples, and groups from a wide variety of backgrounds. She is under supervision for licensure in Clinical Pastoral Therapy and serves as the President of the TN Association of Pastoral Therapists.

To learn more about Laura’s therapy practice, please visit her website at www.KreiselmaierTherapy.com. To inquire about piano lessons, please email her at laura@glendaleumc.org.