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Peter van Eys Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville, TNSince I last wrote this column the nation’s attention has turned from natural disasters, hurricanes and earthquakes, to traumas we humans inflict upon ourselves, mass shootings.  One of the shootings hit close to home, geographically and spiritually, at a church; though in Las Vegas, the other shooting had its own Nashville connection, occurring at a Country Music concert.

The feelings and emotions that overwhelm us are difficult to process.  With each such event our sense of security is further diminished, our capacity to assimilate horrific images is further numbed, and our thoughts on how to respond are further challenged.  We have been knocked off balance once again, in part because we do not think of our nation as a land of senseless, indiscriminate, lethal violence.  To imagine this as the new normal compounds the grief.

My own reflections have taken me to scripture, verses in Psalm 137: By the waters of Babylon, there we sat down and wept, when we remembered Zion.  On the willows we hung up our lyres.  For there our captors required of us songs, and our tormentors mirth, saying, “Sing us one of the songs of Zion!” How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land?  If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand wither.  Let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, if I do not remember you; if I do not set Jerusalem above my highest joy.

The psalmist gives voice to the anguish of a people forced to live in a strange land, and the real dilemma of knowing how to act in exile.  Though we are still within our own borders, the occurrence of mass shootings move us into unknown territories of fear, vengeance, and grief; how we are to respond is a core concern.

Four thoughts come to mind from the psalm.  One, the Hebrew people understood themselves as a community, even in a foreign land.  It is an appropriate response for us to come together and draw strength from the ties that bind us in faith and/or as citizens of this nation.  Two, the Hebrew people resolved to remember Jerusalem, their homeland, calling for consequences if they were to forget.  We too must be intentional about remembering the ideals and values that have defined this country’s greatness over the years.  The vision of peace, welcome, equality, and care for one another must hold secure even as bullets fly.  Three, for the Hebrew people and for us, what is strange land in our minds is not foreign at all to others.  So many throughout the world have lived with daily threat of violence for a long time; the terror we humans can inflict upon another.  We can and should learn from the global community how faith sustains when our moorings come untethered.  And four, even in that strange land the Hebrew people turn to God for help.  That same impulse will provide our surest portal of hope as we live into the future and recalibrate our bearings.

In E. M. Forster’s novel, Howard’s End, Helen comments that Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is the most sublime noise to ever penetrate a human ear.  Yet, she notes that within it one can hear both the “splendor of life” and the “flaming ramparts of the world”.  Helen goes on to say that we can trust that all will be well in the end because we can trust the composer; indeed she feels the symphony resolves with a message of hope.

I find that illustration to be helpful, especially coupled with the psalm.  I am greatly aware of the many splendors I enjoy by living in the United States, and though the images from Burnette Chapel Church of Christ and Las Vegas suggest the flaming ramparts, I am convinced that we can trust the composer of life.  Therein we claim the hope, the healing, and the power to sing of God even when violence and terror reshape the landscape.

Rev. Peter van Eys
Senior Pastor

What’s Happening This Sunday | October 15, 2017

Our staffed nursery is available from 9am to 11am each Sunday for infants through age 5.

We want to invite you to come to Rockin’ With the Pastor at 9am. Great coffee and fellowship with others and our pastors each Sunday morning before worship. Meet at the rocking chairs on the front porch!

Kids Class Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN

Our new kids class has launched Sunday @ 9am! This small group for kids will feature active-learning experiences to catch kids’ interest and teach them lessons they’ll remember, interactive Bible stories to help even the youngest kids grasp the real meaning of Scripture with life applications to encourage children to use what they’ve learned. More info @

Glendale welcomes visitors each week in worship @ 10am. You will experience a service with a message of hope and love, upbeat music and people of many diverse backgrounds and faith journeys – old and young, raised in the church, new to the church, Catholics to those who question it all – you name it. All are welcome at Glendale.

This week’s message: Singing in a Foreign Land by Rev. Peter van Eys

THIS SUNDAYPrison Ministry @ Glendale – Lunch & Learn Following Worship
Do you want to get involved in prison ministry here in Nashville? Join us after worship, October 15th as we host a lunch with Rev. Sandy Shawhan & Maridel Williams as they share how both as a church and individually, we can get involved in various outreach opportunities to our incarcerated brothers & sisters. For more information, get in touch with Sarah Tencer at

You can also check out past videos of worship services and messages at


Upcoming Small Group Opportunities

All small groups at Glendale are open to the community!
Come and be with us as we grow in faith, mind and body together!

Young Adult Small Group – Thursdays @ 7pm
If you are looking for a group of young adults with the purpose of gathering together to share life; loving, supporting, learning and serving together, join us and invite your friends! Find more information at

Upcoming Group Gatherings:
Thursday, October 19th @ 7pm – Coffee & Conversation
Bongo Java | 2007 Belmont Blvd, Nashville, TN 37212

Adult Prayer Group – Monday, November 13th @ 11am
This group meets to pray and deepen our prayer life together the second Monday each month.

Spiritual Friends Network Group – Monday, November 13th @ 11:30am-1pm
Your invited to be part of this special monthly networking time in our fellowship hall for people of different faith traditions and denominations. For more information on this group, contact Laura Kreiselmaier at


Fitness Classes and Running Groups at Glendale United Methodist Church in Nashville TN
Attending a group fitness class is a great way to stay motivated and build community! All of the classes listed below are included in our Group Fitness program. Looking for a particular class, but don’t see it offered? Email your suggestions to

Senior Adult Exercise Class – Free
Mondays @ 10am & Fridays @ 2pm
Sitting or standing, this class offers a small group atmosphere with light weights while following a DVD workout. All ability levels are welcome! Contact Marty @ for more info.

Yoga Class – $5/class
Thursday Evenings | 6 – 7pm
Whether yoga is your passion or just something you’ve always been curious about, this class is for you. Led by Jessica Baldwin, this class is your chance to build strength of body, mind and heart.  All experience levels are welcome with open arms. We love kids, and kids yoga, but this class is intended for tweens (with a genuine interest) and up. Contact Jessica @ for more info.

 Community Running Group – Free
Thursday Evenings | 6pm – meet in the church parking lot
Calling all runners, joggers and walkers! Glendale is dedicated to improving the health of our community. Whether you are looking to stay in shape or just looking to add a relaxing activity to your week, come on out and join us. Contact Steph @ for more info.


Glendale Community Announcements

Glendale Community Prayer List
If you have added someone to the prayer list and they no longer need to be on it, please contact If you have a new prayer request and would like to add it to the list, let us know as the same email address. You can submit your prayer request online at

We’re looking for Liturgists, Greeters & Musicians for Worship
Would you like to get involved in the worship service on a Sunday? Email if you’d like to get involved!

Pastoral Team Office Hours @ Glendale
Feel free to drop by the church on Wednesdays from 9:30-11:30am each week for our new office hours at Glendale. Rev. Peter van Eys or Rev. Stephanie Dodge will be on site during that time. If you have a question or would like to meet or talk with one of our pastors outside of that time, you can always reach them at 615-297-6233 or

Giving at Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville Tennessee

Extravagant Generosity @ Glendale in 2017
Your financial gifts to Glendale UMC help our congregation be in mission and ministry to our local community and to the world. In 2016, our service in mission budget was $21,492 which helped support numerous local & global missions. Help us make a bigger impact this year!

Traditional Giving
We invite you to give your gift to the further
the mission and ministries of Glendale
by placing it in the offering plate in worship
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Support Glendale by Shopping at Kroger

This is an EASY way to support Glendale just by linking your Kroger Plus Card to support Glendale. Register online here: We already have 6+ households linked – help us and be the next one! If you need help in doing this, please see Steven! Thanks for your generosity in supporting the ministries at Glendale! Another easy – and free opportunity to support our congregation’s work just by shopping:


Mission and Service at Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville, TN

NEW! Prison Ministry @ Glendale
Do you want to get involved in prison ministry here in Nashville? Join us after worship October 15th as we host a lunch with Rev. Sandy Shawhan & Maridel Williams as they share how both as a church and individually, we can get involved in various outreach opportunities to our incarcerated brothers & sisters. For more information, get in touch with Sarah Tencer at

Tutoring at J.T. Moore Middle School
If you enjoy working with children, JT Moore Middle School has an opportunity for you to participate in one-on-one tutoring. Volunteers are needed in the areas of reading comprehension and math on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 3pm. Contact Jenni Joy, JT Moore’s tutoring coordinator and find more information at

Community Care Fellowship
Glendale UMC serves meals to our underprivileged and homeless brothers & sisters at Community Care Fellowship in East Nashville each month and we need you! Contact the church to find out how you can help with this ministry.

Items Needed for Community Care Fellowship:
Allergy Pills, Rubbing Alcohol, Reading Glasses, Diapers (Size 4, 5, 6), T-Shirts (Small & Medium), Underwear (Small & Medium), 55 Gallon Trash Bags & Coffee.
If you are able to donate these items, please drop them in the CCF basket located in the hallway.

Room In the Inn 2017-2018 @ Glendale
Every 3rd Saturday from November-March, Glendale hosts 12 unhoused friends, offering a warm place to sleep, hot showers, two meals, and a packed lunch for the next day. We invite you to help alongside us. Opportunities include: driving, set up of bedding and toiletries, preparing meals, staying overnight, doing laundry or packing lunches.

You can sign up to volunteer at Feel free to contact KrassiMira Garbett if you have any questions or would like more information at

We hope to see you this Sunday! Think about who you can bring with you!

If you have questions or would like any additional information on events or ministries at Glendale UMC, contact the church at 615.297.6233 or

Check out past sermons, music performances and worship services at

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Plug into ministries at Glendale that fit you and your family