Stephanie Kemp | Fitness Instructor

Stephanie Kemp | Fitness Instructor | Glendale United Methodist Church Nashville TN

Stephanie Kemp has her Master’s of Science in Exercise Physiology with a minor in Health and Wellness, and began her career in Cardiac Rehabilitation while studying Holistic and Complimentary Health.  She is an independent Personal Trainer certified through American College of Sports Medicine as well as a Nutritional Health Coach with Americas Ten City Challenge.  Stephanie studied Macrobiotics with Virginia Harper, as well as Denny Waxman from Strengthening Health Institute.  She has three children that helped guide her to begin educating people, especially moms, on how to lead a healthy lifestyle by using natural approaches and food as medicine. She began a Macrobiotic Baby Food line as well as teaching classes that centers around plant based eating, holistic wellness, and Physical Fitness.  As a personal trainer, she teaches her clients the macrobiotic approach to achieve optimal health.

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