Michael McGarvey Joins the Glendale Family on July 28, 2019


We are so excited that Michael McGarvey joined our Glendale Family on August 4, 2019 during worship and we are thankful for his witness of God’s love out in the world! Check out his blog that explores the intersection of ordination/spiritual/church life + inclusion at MichaelDMcGarvey.com.

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The Woodroof Family Joins the Glendale Family on July 21, 2019


We are thankful that The Woodroofs found Glendale last April and have already become such an important part of our church family! We were so excited that they decided to make it official and joined Glendale yesterday in worship! ❤️

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Angie Haywood Joins the Glendale Family on July 7, 2019


We are so thankful that Angie Haywood took a chance on walking in that first Sunday and decided to join our Glendale Family during worship last Sunday! ❤️ From Angie: “I was visiting churches to find a home, Glendale was my 2nd place to visit and my search stopped. Everyone was so welcoming and accepting, and […]

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Becca Woodroof Baptized at Glendale on July 7, 2019


We gave thanks to God as we celebrated Becca Woodroof’s baptism into the body of Christ in worship yesterday! Becca, we are so thankful to be your church family to walk alongside you and love you on this journey of faith together!

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